a trip to Freiberg

Freiberger Wappen

The Silver City of Saxony

Welcome to Saxony's oldest and most important mining city. If you visit Freiberg nowadays you will experience "history you can touch". 800 years of silver mining and the resulting wealth formed the cityscape.
Stroll around the almost completely preserved old town from the 16th century, through Romanesque cobbled streets.

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Obermarkt von Freiberg

On the Upper Market (Obermarkt), Otto "the Wealthy" proudly looks at the town hall and the splendid patrician houses.

On the Untermarkt (Lower Market) the Freiberger Dom) dominates the skyline. Simple on the outside it houses important art treasures such as the Silbermann organ (

The theatre is a gem on the Buttermarkt (Butter market). In well-looked after shopping arcades, lovingly decorated shop windows of small individual shops and comfortable restaurants invite you to linger.

For museum enthusiasts the City and Mining Museum (Stadt- und Bergbaumuseeum) and the famous Mineralogical Collection of the Technical University of Mining (Mineraliensammlung der Bergakademie) is a must.

In the oldest, biggest and last complete mine of Saxon's silver mining era the "Rich Colliery" (Reiche Zeche), you will experience the world of a miner: by lift, a ride on a train and an underground walk. From the top of the slag heaps you can see the mountain range of the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge) and should you not like to take part in the guided tour underground we suggest a visit to the Old Elizabeth (Alten Elisabeth).

"There's nothing like a festival" one says in Freiberg. During the City Mining Festival in June and the Christmas Market you can see the Freiberg Mining Procession (Freiberger Bergparade) - a very special experience.

There's a special miners' greeting:

A heartfelt "Glück auf!"

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Fremdenverkehrsamt der Stadt Freiberg
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